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E-mail: dongrun@dongruncasting.com

CNC Machining

In our factory, we are training the operators all the time. They can join in some skill games in China and take good achievement. I am sure our skilled operators can meet your requirements in drilling and tapping, milling, lathe work and CNC machining.


?  Preferred File Format:Solidworks, Pro/E,UG,1.jpg IGES, STEP, 2D Drawings
?  Machining Engineers:3
?  Machining Staff:10
?  Shift of machining shop:3 Shifts
?  Machining Equipment List:
     9 sets CNC Equipments
     5 sets Milling Machining
     3 sets Turning Machining
     20 sets drill and tap machine
?  The brand of CNC Machining Equipments:
     YCM:1 SET
?  Size Scope:Can do CNC machining of 1600x1000x1000mm biggest size parts
?  Meet Tolerance:+/- 0.01mm
?  Meet Roughness:Ra0.8

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