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E-mail: dongrun@dongruncasting.com

Fuel and Gas Pressure Industries

Gravity die casting process for Fuel and Gas Pressure Industries Parts
As usually, Dongrun Casting offer fuel and gas pressure industries parts by gravity die casting process. Because the process can make sure there is no leaking points, and must support pressure testing. The surface is better than sand casting process too. From 2000 year, Dongrun casting start to do the fuel and gas pressure industries casting parts, so we have much experience.

When we get your drawings, our engineer can build model flow analysis to check where is easy to be leaking. Our engineer can give clients good suggestions to resolve it. If client need impregnated process, we can do it too.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Gravity die casting process for Fuel and Gas Pressure Industries Parts
Pls Contact Dongrun Casting today. From casting to machining, we can give you professional service.

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