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    Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts

    Production Describe: Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang Province, China
    Application: Outdoor Lighting
    Product Material: Cast aluminum as drawings
    Casting Process: Sand casting aluminum
    Machining Methods: CNC Machining
    Machining Tolerance: +/- 0.001mm
    Max Size of CNC Machining: 1600x1000x1000mm
    CNC Machining Type: Four-axis Machining Center
    Leaking or X-Ray Testing: As drawings
    Max Size: 3000x3000x2000mm
    Heat Treatment: T5 or T6 as drawings
    Certification: ISO9001:2015,ITAF16949:2018,ROSH,REACH
    Engineer Software: Pro/E,UG, Solidworks, Auto CAD, PDF
    Standard: ASTM, DIN,JIS, EN, ISO, GB standards
    Inspection: Foundry in-house or Third Party
    Reports: Component Elements Properties, Mechanical Properties Report, CMM Dimension Report Report or others as drawings
    Supply Ability: 2000kg per Day
    Min. Order: As Agreement
    Price Item: EXW, FOB, CIF or others
    Near Sea Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
    Near Air Port: Yiwu or Hangzhou
    Shipping: By Ocean or By Air as agreement
    Payment Term: 50% deposit in advance, 50% balance by T/T after BL or As agreement

     Product Description

    Now our many cast aluminum parts are used in outdoor lighting industry, included aluminum lamp posts,cast aluminum lamp posts,decorative cast aluminum lamp posts,aluminum burial lamp posts,welcome to send your design, we will quote you ASAP

    Dongrun is the professional manufacturer of Casting products which lies in Yongkang city,Zhejiang Province . Our factory was built in 1995, we have been in the casting industry more than 25 years. And we are experienced to deal with all different kinds of casting products . We have our good team, our engineers can offer exact price list in 48 hours after we get your drawings or samples.
    Just one point: We are only special in CASTING & MACHINING

    In short: We are such kind one factory that supply casting products according to your samples or drawings

      Factory Cabability


    1. Sand casting&Gravity casting&Low pressure die casting:
        AC-42100/EN AC-42200/EN AC-43000/  EN AC-43200/EN AC-43300/EN
        AC-43400/EN AC-44200/EN AC-44300/EN AC-46000/EN AC-46200
    2. High pressure die casting:
        A380/A390/A360/ADC10/ADC12/ENAC-43400/ENAC-44300/ENAC- 44400/
        ENAC-46000/ENAC-46100/ENAC-46200/ ENAC-46500/ENAC-47100
    3. CNC machining casting: 6061-T6/6063-T6

    ServiceSand casting, Gravity casting, high pressure die casting,low pressure die casting and CNC Machining casting.

    Equipment of Casting

    1. High pressure die casting machining:125T/180T/250T/280T/500T/800T/1250T
    2. Gravity casting machine: 7 production lines
    3. Low pressure die casting machining: 1 production line
    4. Sand casting machine: 6 production lines
    5. Degassing equipment and opportunities to refine the material
    6. Machining: 9 Sets CNC Machines; 5 sets Milling machines; 3 setsTurning machines; 20 sets drill and tap machines
    Testing FacilitySpectrometer, Tensile test device, Hardness test device, CMM, X-Ray, Leaking test device

    Precision Machining

    CNC turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Cutting, Reaming and Threading
    FinishedPolishing, Sand blasting, Heat treatment, Painting, Powder coating, Anodizing, Electroplating, Chrome plating, Mirror polishing.
    ProductsAll kinds of Cast aluminum productions: Including Vehicle industry,Medical device industry, Marine industry, Lighting industry,Oil&Gas Transporttation industry, Electric Utility & Communication Industries, Architectural industry and Furniture industry so on

      Production Images



      Company Equipment

    From Casting to Machining, One-stop Solutions for your designs


      Packing & Shipping

    Casting parts are very heavy, package must be strong. Our package material is wooden crate which is Fumigation free. 
    And we can pack productions as customers' requirements


      Why Choose Us

        ?     More than 25 years in castings and machining process; so we have much experience for your projects.
        ?    Passed ISO9001 : 2015 & TS16949 : 2009
        ?    Have four casting types in our factory; you can find the four process in one factory, save cost for your company
        ?    From Casting to Finished surface, Owned casting, polishing and plating workshops, one-stop, We can offer Good quality and strict delivery time.
        ?    With samples and order: We can offer dimension report, Chemical composition and Mechanical properties
        ?    Control material with spectral and thermal analysis equipment (density and processing)
        ?    Spectral analysis of raw material and liquid melt, batch before casting.  
        ?    Transportation Advantage:
               A) Near Sea Port and Air Port-Ningbo Sea Port and Yiwu Airport or Hangzhou Airport; 
               B ) From Shanghai to our factory by Fast train directly, takes two and half hours; From Hangzhou to our factory, only takes one hour


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