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                    Powder Coating

                    Production Describe: Powder Coating

                    WHAT IS POWDER COATING?

                    The powder coating process is very similar to a painting process except that the “paint” is a dry powder rather than a liquid. The powder sticks to the parts due to electrostatic charging of the powder
                    and grounding of the parts. Any substrate can be used that can tolerate the heat of curing the powder and that can be electrically grounded to enhance charged particle attachment. The powder flows
                    and cures during the application of heat.


                    1. Numerous color choices.

                    2. Very durable & UV resistant when proper material preparation, application technique & controls are utilized. 5-10 year life in high exposure to elements.

                    3. Powder is recoverable for reuse.

                    4. No VOC generation therefore no VOC destruction required.

                    5. Less expensive than anodizing.

                    6. Weld joints, grinding, & polishing marks are covered making them less noticeable.


                    1. Scratches show contrast between powder coated surface & substrate more noticeable.

                    2. Curing is energy intensive.

                    3. Can show more “orange peel” in surface.

                    4. Powder coating can peel or separate from substrate.

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